Continuous Development: EnerKey’s Business Product Manager’s Blog Series

I have been interested in improving energy efficiency ever since I was a student. When I started my career at EnerKey about 6 years ago, I got to work with some of the best energy efficiency experts from whom I learned tremendously about energy efficiency development and energy management. We did a huge amount of energy audits and other energy related analyses that required a lot of time and effort, but at the same time I really got to deepen my own expertise. Performing energy audits was mainly manual work and calculations were done in Excel.

It has been a rewarding journey to move from the role of Sustainability and Energy Manager to the role of Business Product Manager. I have been able to utilise my strong energy expertise with our development team when developing EnerKey SaaS service that is becoming increasingly intelligent. The purpose of this blog series is to look at what product innovations and improvements we have already published at EnerKey and what is coming out of our product development pipeline.


INES (Intelligence for Energy and Sustainability Management) is one of our largest product releases this year. INES is a solid combination of the experience of our Sustainability and Energy Managers and the expertise of our software developers. The result is a tireless artificial intelligence that automatically finds energy and emission savings potentials at the touch of a button. At the same time, the time of both our own and our customers’ energy managers is saved as the search for savings is automated.

In the first phase, INES detects the properties where the ventilation time programs are not in use. In the summary report, INES calculates the amount of savings in euros if the time programs are put in order. In the future, INES will also identify properties where the ventilation time program is in use, but the operating times are not optimal. With INES, it is possible to find significant savings potentials in ventilation. It is good to keep in mind that taking many smaller saving measures can create big savings in the end.


ET-Curve is another of our innovations in smart features. In the first stage, the ET-Curve can be used to look at how different types of energy correlate with outdoor temperature variations. In the second phase, ET-Curve will be introduced with comparison features that will allow the performance of different properties to be compared. This is how you can find properties with sub-optimal performance.

Currency Support

The number of our international customers is growing rapidly. Our clients’ properties are already located in ten different countries and not all properties are within the eurozone. For energy cost reporting, we have developed currency support that displays currencies based on the location of the property in the local currency unit. At a later stage, we will also implement a currency conversion, which will allow currencies to be converted all into the same currency unit if the properties of one user are located in several different countries and in different currency areas.

I am happy to discuss the further development of EnerKey SaaS with you, feel free to contact!