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Our story

We envision the future of worry-free and data-proven sustainability. We believe energy companies have a pivotal role to make it happen. On that vision our mission is to build impactful cloud software sustainability and energy management. Unlike greenwashed sustainability actions and vague promises, EnerKey gives businesses the access to impactful, data-proven sustainability results which can be communicated to internal and external stakeholders.

We are here to work for and with the multi-utility energy companies who are or want to become known as leaders in worry-free and sustainable energy and serve also “the customers of tomorrow”. We operate with multi-utility energy companies and their end-customers on the most advanced energy markets.

For over 20 years we have enabled EnerKey´s enterprise customers with data-proven sustainability and energy management savings to decline the environmental footprint of their businesses.


From our years of experience and expertise, we know that EnerKey is THE sustainability and energy management SaaS-solution in all business use, including the wants and needs of the most demanding B2B end-customers. Our current direct customer portfolio includes more than a 1,000 satisfied B2B end-customers metering data in 10 European countries. Our largest enterprise customers segments are retail, cities and municipalities, industrial, property portfolio owners and property portfolio managers.

We also work closely together with our technology and service providing Ecosystem partners. For our Ecosystem partners, we enable business growth and a marketplace for joint offerings. For the end-customers benefit, our Ecosystem partners bring the impact in services and technologies beyond EnerKey.


The planet will be saved by the actions, not words.

When we looked at all the sustainability initiatives amongst the business, we saw a lot of hyped talk and less action. We saw sustainability, energy and waste reduction targets set but actions and results remained less convincing and proven. We also saw technologies and solutions that over, and over again failed to provide holistic information, insights and hard facts that can be turned into actions and improvements. We saw a need for data-proven sustainability. For the first time, sustainability impacts are backed up with real data.

Power shift.

In the past energy sellers where in total power.

In the past energy sellers told us what, how, where and at what cost we can buy and consume our energy. Tables are turning and the power is shifting towards the buyers. They have so much more energy options, they are more aware and informed about the consequences of their energy choices. As a business implication this means less customer stickiness and churn is a constant issue. It is the energy companies who need to introduce relevant service innovations to delight and retain their empowered and information-hungry customers. This all impacts energy companies´ business which creates a need to augment services beyond the core.

Our values

Customer-oriented approach

We are customer-oriented: EnerKey and all of our personnel will support and facilitate improvements in your energy management and sustainability. We listen to, identify and predict our customers’ needs. This is how we ensure added value for our customers. We provide sustainable solutions. Our continual development processes are based on forecasting changes and the proactive monitoring of our operating environment. Our recommended solutions will serve both your current and future needs.


Our expertise and open policies inspire trust. We treat our colleagues, customers and partners with mutual respect. We are a predictable player.


We set the bar high. We do what we promise. We are solution-oriented and inventive. We will help you save energy, so that you can improve your result.


We want to be a pioneer – we provide our services sustainably and to a high standard. Our solutions promote our customers’ ecological and financial objectives. Together we can build a sustainable future.

EnerKey Group

EnerKey as a company

Jyväskylä and Helsinki

Operating regions
Finland and the Nordic countries Global services via our partner network.

EnerKey is used by over 1000 customers to measure consumption from 100,000 meters in more than 15,000 properties.


Group structure

EnerKey Group Oy was established in 1995 and is owned by Vaaka Partners Oy (more than 50%) and its operative management. EnerKey Oy, which operates under the EnerKey brand, belongs to the Group.

Parent Company EnerKey Group Oy
Business ID: 2628229-6

EnerKey Oy
Business ID: 2840649-1


EnerKey Group Oy is owned by a fund managed by the Finnish private equity investor company Vaaka Partners Ltd [Vaaka Partners Buyout Fund II Ky] (more than 50%) and its operative management. The fund’s investors include institutional investors, as well as Finnish and international pension insurance companies that constitute the primary investor group. Further information on Vaaka Partners.

Success means the feeling that you have done your best to make the greatest impact on this planet.


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