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Our cloud native solutions

Powered by EnerKey

Powered by EnerKey is a “white label” cloud solution for you, who want to offer intelligent sustainability and energy management as-a-service for your enterprise and public sector customers.

EnerKey SaaS

EnerKey SaaS is the most comprehensive cloud-native solution in the market for intelligent sustainability and energy management. Manage more than 90 types of energy consumptions, production commodities, transport fuels , indoor air quality parameters, waste and emissions.


EnerKey is introducing an intelligent, virtual sustainability and energy manager who can tirelessly unearth potential savings from consumption data with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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The Business Impact for Energy Companies

Make an impact on your current business and grow your revenues beyond the core.

Create more customer stickiness with new value-adding, easy selling services and make a sustainable brand perception impact.

Tools for the Sustainable Impact

Data management is not just about gathering data and having it in one place. You have to see and prove the impact of your sustainability actions backed up with real data.

Automate your manual work and use artificial intelligence to find potentials for emission and energy savings.

The Impact on Our Planet

We want to help everyone act resource-wisely and reduce their environmental impact so that we can together tackle the climate change. By working together we can achieve less waste, less emissions, less energy consumption and more impact.

All we need is less.

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Data proven
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EnerKey´s market-leading sustainability and energy management tools are now available for you through these partners

"Long co-operation with EnerKey has generated annual savings of 5 million euros."

Matti Kalervo, Director of Corporate Responsibility

Kesko PLC

"Increasing energy efficiency is a way to limit the upward trend of costs."

Marko Huttunen, CEO

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä

"We wanted a partner that is absolutely impartial."

Stefan Stortz, Account Director

YH Kodit

Success means the feeling that you have done your best to make the greatest impact on this planet.


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